Silverado Construction - Las Vegas Kitchen Remodel (After)

Adaptable to Fit any Design

Solid surface is without a doubt the most versatile material for your countertops. Cutting, polishing, and installing solid surface is a lot like working with wood and at Silverado Construction, LLC, our fabricators exceptional craftsmanship is visible in each and every project we complete. Unlike traditional stone installations such as quartz or granite and other materials such as laminate or tile – Solid Surfaces can be thermoformed, molded, carved, textured and routed to create custom counter tops. You’re able to choose from hundreds of colors, patterns and textures and your installation can be further customized with such features as built-in trivets near the stove, a towel bar, a drain board next to the sink or an overhang that creates a seating area and a bar. The options are truly unlimited!

Supported and Trusted

Solid surface building material is both durable and restorable. Its seamless, nonporous quality means it’s able to lock out germs and resist stains. With proper care and cleaning, the surface will not support the growth of bacteria, mildew or mold. Solid surfaces are also very heat resistant, though we always recommend use of trivets or heat pads. While unlikely to occur, because the color and pattern are solid throughout the material any scratches or marks can be easily removed, restoring the surface to its flawless, original appearance. Best of all, the solid surface brands Silverado Construction, LLC stands behind the products we use, guaranteeing it for as long as you own your home.

Seamless Integration

Solid surface counters, sinks and backsplashes are all designed for seamless integration. With no cracks or crevices to trap dirt, grime and bacteria. Silverado Construction, LLC offers solid surface sinks, porcelain and stainless steel under-mount sinks as well as vessel bowls. We also provide a full line of hardware and faucets to make experience at Silverado Construction, LLC a truly one-stop shop.